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Location: 979 SW 209th Place

                Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Shier Terror is a free home haunt open to all ages on Halloween night.  It may be too dark and scary for little ones (and some adults).  This is a display haunted house with animated props, strobe lights, fog, and creepy crawlies.  Photography is permitted but you may upset the spirits.

It all started as a static display on the front porch.  I wanted to do more than just turn on the porch light and set out a couple of pumpkins.


I took a white bedsheet and fluorescent spray paint and a black light.  The eery glow was all it took to make the whole thing seem like a big deal.  I wore a "Scream" costume and sat silently in a chair.  People didn't know if I was real or not.  Sometimes I moved, sometimes not.  The most fun was waiting for the kids to walk past to ring the bell and then I would scare their parents.


Things grew from there.  Joining the local haunt group introduced me to things I never thought I would do like pneumatics.  Now my biggest problem is not getting overloaded with projects to add to the haunt. - Scott Shier

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